Affiliate Marketing, Your Online Income Tool.

Affiliate Marketing, Your Online Income Tool.

When affiliate marketing is being offered to you and it seemed too good to be true, it probably is.
This is not anymore new. You may probably hear or read the same advice over and over again. The growing numbers of programs on or offline are all claiming to be the best from all the rest.Successful affiliate marketing Tools
Besides that, they will give you an initial impression that you do not have to do more than just place a webpage online and make more profits than you could ever imagine. This is not always the case. This may apply to some who have already built up a successful website and a good name for themselves. But for most individuals, affiliate marketing needs a little work and time.

Affiliate Marketing Tools

To succeed in affiliate marketing, you must properly make use of certain tools. There are several tools you can use and some affiliate companies with whom you may be associated with, will offer or provide some of these tools to you. They can be attractive webpages, banners or online advertisements. These tools will help you achieve success in your everyday journey, so do not ever forget them in your priorities.
Email can be an effective marketing instrument. If done correctly, that is.
In affiliate marketing, promotion by means of email is very rampant. But with it comes spam. If you want to use email in your affiliate marketing, you have to be sure that you stand by what you are offering and that you make yourself available anytime for any questions or queries.

It is said that adding ad articles to your email advertising works really well. Putting up a summary about your product or service that can instantly pique the attention of your readers, works all the time. It all boils down to affiliate marketing being the survival of the best of the best, the smartest and the most patient.
This summary should contain a link to an ad or article located on your website. By this, you get to promote your business. You also give your visitors a chance to check out other parts of your ‘affiliate marketing’ website.

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Solutions On Make Money On The Internet

Jemima asks…

How can i make money from home using the internet?

i’am in debt, i have a kid on the way, and i want to make money from home. But the internet money making websites are usually all scams. Is their any website that really works??

admin answers:

I sell items on EBay and on a local auction site. Most of my items comes from yards sales, flea markets, discount bins at local stores, etc. I sell larger items locally, less shipping charges etc. Most customers will gladly pick up the items. Sometimes I buy items from the local site just to sell on EBay. You can get the same type of information that some people offer for sale just by checking out the Ebay site for free!

Marie asks…

How do all these people who give out free stuff on the internet make money or stay in business?

I’m talking about free programs like limewire, frostwire, and the stuff on Also mmorpgs like adventurequest and all the games on armorgames and sites like it. There is free stuff all over the net, I guess my question is what’s the catch?

admin answers:

Filesharing sites are notorious for being loaded with spyware and malware, and I’ve always assumed that the owners got a cut of that. has a LOT of advertising on it, plus some of the software is available for purchase, and again, I assume that the owners get a cut. I play a “free” MMORPG, and while the basic game is free, there are any number of things that I can buy with real money, if I’m willing to spend it. The site owner makes it clear that this is his job, to keep the game running, and to keep improving the game. Occasionally he’ll run specials so that we can get more goodies for less money.

Lisa asks…

How to make money on internet with little or no out of pocket expense?

I would like to know how to make money on the internet with little or no money out of pocket. I would like to make an extra $100 to $200/ day .

admin answers:

Try this blog, there are a lot of good money making tips and advice

Steve asks…

How Can I make money selling items in the internet?

I want to make money from internet. Pls, can someone help me know how I can make money by selling pictures/items from Kenya on the internet. I was involved in an accident which minimised my walking and I want to be self reliance.

admin answers:

It’s possible to make money from internet and you do not need to pay to make money in internet, if you must pay, it’s usually scam site. You can make money with internet for free at this site
just by doing survey or other simple stuff

Best Wishes

Kirstie asks…

What ways are there to make money via internet?

I know there are a lot of programmes out there that offer money. I see a lot of video’s on YouTube buy are they legit?

I want to know through your experience how to make money via the internet.


admin answers:

Lots of those sites are scams but maybe there could be some out there that are legit, but I currently don’t know of any. If you want to make just a few extra bucks on the internet, there are GPT sites. They are actually real and I use them. The only bad thing about them is that you can’t expect a whole lot from them, only about $50-$100 a month. Below is one site I would recommend.

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Solutions On Clickbank Scam

Joseph asks…

Is Clickbank Marketplace a scam to get my credit card number?

I want to buy a product online. The product is somewhat sketchy. They tell me that by purchasing their product I will then be able to login to their member’s site and watch instructional videos and download a pdf. to help walk me through fixing my XBOX 360. When I click to order, it brings me to the Clickbank Marketplace secure site where I can enter my CC info, etc. I’m cautious to do this…
What are some thoughts? Does this sound like a scam?

admin answers:

Hi There

I think I am qualified to answer this question as I use Clickbank all the time!
Thing is, you are lucky it is a Clickbank product you want to download because Clickbank has a mandatory refund policy of 60 days on every product bought on its market place.

For example a couple of weeks ago I bought a statistics download for one of my websites. Trouble was it was not compatable with the blog I was using. I requested a refund from Clickbank and had the money back in my account within 7 days…no questions asked.

Keep your Clickbank receipt and the transaction numbers it issues when the purchase happens.It will be sent to your nominated email

Hope thats a help..clickbank is cool and reputable in my experience.

Elizabeth asks…

Is Clickbank a scam or does it work?

Hey i am 13 and i cant get a job but i still want to make money. Is clickbank a scam or does it actually work. Also if it does work do they send you lots of junk mail?

admin answers:

Yes is it work.. I also have found a system that can make a greater money in click bank and i found this at .. And it’s really worked.. You should try it.

Thank you and always keep using answer yahoo.. Gg

Richard asks…

Do affiliate programs of Clickbank etc,pay you or are they a scam too?

Can anyone give me some good tips to be a successful affiliate?
One thing is that an affiliate has to have some sites of his own in order to advertise the products of the company he is working for,any other things?

admin answers:

Click bank is not a scam. You can advertise the product on blogs and forums (as long as it is allowed). The best way to promote any product is by learning about it as much as possible. Research, Research, and More Research! I hope this helps!

Kirstie asks…

can anyone say about clickbank? i have joined the affiliate program of that a scam?

can anyone say about clickbank? i have joined the affiliate program of that a scam?

admin answers:

Hi There,

I have somewhat a mixed feelings about clickbank. My significant other have somewhat unintentionally spend $17 on an upgrade but she claims she didn’t complete the transaction but my paypal was charged anyway. So i did my research. Yes they are legit. But read all about the affliate program.

The did not cheat. Most people may not make it pass the initial stage but it does work. Not the normal business ethics as you do not really sign any physical papers or see any transaction but lots of clicking and database sharing and advertising for products that you have no chance of really holding and trying out.

Not my cup of tea. And like selling insurance, not easy when you start and lots of people fail but those who makes it does.

I think there is other better ways to make money. Call me old fashioned but i feel some work and a lot of effort is needed before you make it big time. Sure its hard and sure you may fail once,twice or more. But thats how you savour victory. If it is easy it is meaningless.

Hope this helps

Mark asks…

Is a scam?

i’ve heard about promoting digital products website called

I just want to know if it is a scam or not , not to just to waste my time on something amateur.

Please answer , and thanks 😉

admin answers:

I looked over the site and it has credentials. It seems pretty legit.

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Solutions On Clickbank Refund

Graham asks…

Clickbank refund without purchaser knowledge?

Have anyone encounter this case before? Clickbank refunded your purchase without your knowledge. You never order any refund. It happen to me.

admin answers:

Why bother paying for crappy clickbank products anyway? :O go to this site and you will receive anything for free… Legally…!

Davina asks…

do clickbank refund your money directly into your checking account when something is refunded?

admin answers:


Mark asks…

problem getting a refund via clickbank?

i bought an email product which cam ewith a 60 day guarantee of a refund if not happy.I asked clickbank for a refund.The vendor keeps writing to me and clickbak keep saying the refund request is closed! How do i make clickbank honour the guarantee?
thanks Slim.Would that be an american phone number?

admin answers:

You can get a refund by calling ClickBank’s customer service number at 1-800-390-6035. When you talk to the customer service person, let them know you already opened a refund ticket but it was closed, and that you’d like a refund immediately. They’ll take care of it for you.

Helena asks…

Does anyone know anything about a debit card being used as a pymt for ClickBank & how to get a refund?

Need a refund, QUICK!

admin answers:

No suggest you contact the bank directly!!!!

Daniel asks…

On Clickbank if someone bought an affiliate product from my blog &requests refund,Will my commission be lost?

I read somewhere – “Clickbank will hold back a small portion in case someone does cancel an order. ”
If so How much will clickbank holdback?

admin answers:

Yes a percentage of your commission balance is held in reserve to cover returns, affiliates are held responsible for certain misconduct, like outright fake buyer fraud, or extreme misrepresentation of results that can cause a higher than normal return rate.

Interestingly some product makers will offer an extended warranty period, like one year, which is found to lower the overall return rate because people put off, then forget returns. I believe the affiliate would just be held to the standard 60 day warranty period.

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Affiliate Marketing Techniques

Affiliate Marketing Techniques.

The percentage behind affiliate marketing: 20 percent of affiliates produce 80 percent of all income;
on the other hand, 80 percent of affiliates generate 20 percent of all income.
Ironic but true.
Successful affiliate marketing Tools
You would almost certainly want to be one of those 20 percent that is earning the 80 percent of the total earnings. In that case who wouldn’t?
If you follow these basic affiliate marketing techniques, you will find yourself sharing the profits that the top affiliates enjoy.

Marketing Technique 1. Website building.

Smart affiliate marketers build websites and web pages to pre-sell products and services.
Creation of either testimonial pages or review pages greatly increase the possibility of
pre-selling the product or service that you are affiliated with therefore,
this is the best method of getting increased orders for your
chosen affiliate programs.
Many programs offer articles in addition to recommended text and banners to sell
their products. Most of all they also permit duplication of those articles
with your links implanted.

Marketing Technique 2. Atricle Publication.

Successful affiliate marketers create and distribute articles.
Writing articles regarding your market or niche is necessary to
expand your reputation as a specialist in your field.
Additionally you can get the greatest benefits not just from writing these
articles, but also from getting them published.
Most of all, other site owners and ezine publishers will circulate your articles,
as a result giving you both reputation and links from other web sites.

Marketing Technique 3. Niche Focus.

Affiliate marketers focus on a market niche.
Loading your site with content that is focused on a certain product or service niche is
one way of getting more web traffic in your target market.
There are tools over the Internet that can help you point out
market niches that is important for your website.

Marketing Technique 4. Autoresponder Usage

One of the most effective affiliate marketing techniques marketers uses is autoresponders.
They are important tools that gives the capabilities of sending timed series
of email messages especially relevant to those persons that have signed up for them.
Most of the time, these autoresponders are sent through
by a third party provider in that case,
Look for the best provider that will cater to your autoreponder needs.

Marketing Technique 5. List Building.

Almost all outstanding affiliate marketers collect email addresses.
The best affiliates gather email addresses on their web site by
presenting free reports thru autoresponders, giving out ebooks and
newsletters through signup forms.
This method is best used in building your own list of email addresses
to contact your potential customers that clicked away once they got
into the affiliate program website.

Marketing Technique 6. Advertising.

Top affiliate marketers market everywhere advertise. You can advertise
using PPC or ezine advertising depending on your market niche.
Some categories of Pay-per-click can be expensive, but advertising
somewhere is needed to get additional traffic to your site.
There are some good bargains in ezine advertising in some less
popular PPC engines other than Yahoo’s Overture and Google’s Adwords
you can check out.

Marketing Technique 7. Cloaking.

Savvy affiliate marketers cover their affiliate links.
Apparently, visitors will not tend to click on your link when
they see that it is leading to an affiliate program on your site
once they point their mouse over them.
The usual tendency is for them to go directly to the affiliate domain,
thus ignoring your affiliate ID from the URL displayed. The best way
to avoid this problem is by covering your URL. This affiliate
marketing technique is called Cloaking. Cloaking affiliate links may
not seem necessary, but it actually is. There are tools available
over the Internet that you can take advantage of.

Marketing Technique 8. SEO.

Affiliate marketers optimize for the search engines. Search engine
optimization is now getting more complex although, new and more webmasters
participate. On the other hand, the basics put into your site can add to your
visibility over time.
The most critical of the many SEO techniques is the use of
title tags that shows individual page content. Many webmasters
write a master title tag and apply that site-wide. This is
the worst thing you could do for search engine ranking. However, using tags
sparingly, will in fact generate great results.

If you understand and make use of the above mentioned affiliate marketing
techniques, you can be one of the top people making it big in
affiliate marketing, nonetheless, they are simple and by the way cost effective.

By the way, you can start your Internet market process HERE

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